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Meet growing employee demand

As the uptake of electric vehicles increases, having access to a charge point at work will become increasingly important to your staff.  Being able to charge their vehicle while they work will be seen as a valuable employee benefit.

A tailored EV solution

No two organisations’ EV charge point requirements are the same, so we see every project as a blank canvas, taking into consideration the size of your workforce, your site’s electrical capacity and any plans to upscale in the future.

Take a look at the products we can install for your organisation's charging needs.

Charge points suitable for workplaces and accessible to all electric vehicle drivers.

Zaptec Pro

Up to 22kW charging speed

EO Genius 2

7.2kW and 22kW variants

Easee Charge

Up to 22kW charging speed

Easee One

Up to 7.4kW charging speed

The benefits of investing.

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Boost recruitment

Providing workplace charging will show your commitment to employees, increase staff satisfaction and help to attract the best future candidates.

Hit sustainability targets

Reducing the environmental impact of your employees’ commute will help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Boost your reputation

With climate change high on today’s agenda, providing charge point access at your workplace demonstrates your commitment to sustainability to both customers and staff.

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Frequently asked questions

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How do you know there will be sufficient electrical capacity for the EV charge points at my workplace?
How can I control who uses the EV charge points?
Can you help with the ongoing management and maintenance of the EV charge points?
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EV charging solutions for homes and businesses.

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